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Craft Brewery Consulting


Recipe, Raw Material, & Sensory Analysis

Profit Margin Improvement

Process & Product Improvement

One-time consultations and retainer plans are also offered for any brewing/business related service to best benefit you, your employees, and your business's needs.


My name is Jon Chiusano

My goal is to humbly elevate the entirety of the craft brewing scene, as I firmly believe a rising tide lifts all ships in this industry. I recognize all craft breweries are passion projects, and I want to help refine and elevate my clients' products to bring their dreams to full manifestation.

Jon Chiusano at Bearded Tang Brewery

Past and Present Projects*

On these projects I have provided full insights and consultations into providing fully functional, efficient, and safe brewery production facilities, as well as guided investors and ownership with general brewery business input. 

*These businesses are not formally represented by PILSNR CONSULTING

Tasting Beer
Jon Chuisano at Brewery

Up and Coming Projects*

My current and future projects include full brewery build outs and consultations in addition to my position as a Director of Brewing. I have partnered with world class brewing teams and investors to place unique brewery experiences inside of larger marketplaces and gathering places.

*These businesses are not formally represented by PILSNR CONSULTING

Beer Processing Equipment
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